Professor Brainius is not your typical mad scientist!

Yes, he does spend most of his time researching and testing
amazing new science experiments but there is something more
important that motivates this eccentric genius!

The Professor's calling is to invest his non-stop energy and
enthusiasm into the next generation of scientists and students.
He believes that promoting curiosity, a love of learning,
and teaching students to do their best are the most
important formulas he can share!

The Professor Brainius Show is built on a foundation of
exciting experiments and anchored with positive,
encouraging words for the kids attending. He also uses
music and technology to reinforce these valueable concepts.

The Professor's assistant, Laser Boy is a young adult
with his feet firmly planted on what's important in life!
Laser serves as an amazing role model for kids of
all ages by demonstrating a heart for service and a strong
message on doing what's right! He doesn't hesitate to tell
kids that doing the right thing in life is the only way to go!!

This is a man on a mission!

We invite you to join with Professor Brainius and
Team Family on our mission to promote curiosity,
excellence, and a love of learning
to children across the globe.




© 2018 Team Family LLC All rights reserved.

Professor Brainius is a children's educational/entertainment project with the goal of
inspiring young minds to think creatively and to believe in their full potential




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